Rail Holidays and Luxury Train Journeys in Asia

Asia has some of the widest and most efficient railway networks in the world, operating passenger trains used by millions of people and some exceptional Luxury Train journeys for visitors.

Transindus offers a series of journeys based on scheduled passenger trains for the local experience they provide as well as the efficiency and cost efficacy they afford.  These are a regular feature in some of our holidays in India, Uzbekistan, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia.

In addition, we proudly present a series of Luxury Train holidays in several Asian destinations. A concept that originated in America during the mid-19th century when George Mortimer Pullman developed the sleeping car for the American Pioneer Railroad Company. India’s Maharajas were quick to pick up on the trend and commissioned opulent carriages that guaranteed comfort on long journeys. These, in turn, provided the inspiration for sumptuous railcars to meet the needs of discerning travellers.

Since then, four different luxury lines have been inaugurated by Indian Railways, along with the Eastern and Oriental Express service between Malaysia and Singapore and several deluxe excursion trains in Japan.

Evoking the romance and elegance of rail travel in bygone eras, our luxury train holidays offer the most comfortable way to experience a country. Spacious private compartments mean you can expect a good night’s sleep with gourmet food served in elegant, beautifully designed restaurant cars. Some also boast bars, libraries and glass-domed observation decks and even spa facilities.

The most compelling reason for their popularity has to be that you get to stop at places of interest along your route, allowing you to visit all the sites the train passes through without ever packing or unpacking. With highly experienced guides and naturalists leading your excursions, you are assured of seeing the best of the destination you have chosen.

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